Enjoying a weekend getaway with the mistress to the rain forest retreat holiday village

My mistress and me hadn’t had much alone time lately and she has begging me for a weekend getaway. One of her dream locations is an amazing rain forest location. I was browsing the internet images on google and came across this fantastic little holiday village. The rooms were a great price so I immediately booked. Later that night I told my mistress we are going away for the weekend so pack your bag to leave Friday afternoon. I didn’t tell her where we were going. She was trying to rub my cock and tease me to get the secret location out of me but I didn’t give in. I did let her blow me anyways though as I would never pass that up. So Friday came around, we got in the car and headed to the village. On the way she was so excited she was sucking my dick while I was driving and made me jizz in my pants. Upon arrival I made sure my shirt covered the jizz stain and we went to check in. My girl was ecstatic the whole time. When we got to our room I went and got a shower to wash the jizz off my body and leg. Once I got out of the shower I put on a hotel robe over my naked body. Instantly my mistress was all over me showing affection and was so ready to get fucked. She was so DTF.

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